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Company history

In 1926 Ivan Draženović started the business and, since then, our family has been part of it. After Ivan the tradition was carried on by Juraj and present owner Darko also has an heir to keep the tradition alive.
Even though we started back in 1926, when everything was done manually and machines were fixed in many different innovative ways, we are now fully equipped with the state-of the-art machines.
13 employees of different profiles - engineering technicians, highly qualified graduate mechanical engineers work for the Darko Draženović business in Karlovac.

In industries like plastic carpentry, wood industry, food industry, textile industry, brick-yards or quarries as well as in servicing machinery our trade is well known and respectable manufacturer of spare parts. Broad knowledge acquired through decades, top-skilled employees and complete machining equipment (for all stages of metal processing) enable us to fulfil our clients’ needs.

Not only do we have modern machines, such as CNC milling machines, lathes, turning and grinder machines, but we also use tools of the world – renowned producers.
All of these facts contribute to our quality. The manufacturing programme we have is broad and diverse. It includes: different cog wheels, sprockets, parts of transformer station, appliances (bolts, flanges, bars, clutches, casings, reducers, casing guides, axes), machine repairing (cylinders, axes, mandrels, different conveyor belts), production of parts for joinery bands, production of worm wheels and worm bolts.

By the ongoing investment in our production and education of our employees we try to modernize and improve the quality of production, productivity, the competitive strength of our products and services.
Our work has been satisfying and successful since the day we started it. It has also progressed through the years and we have, therefore, established a good reputation with our clients and suppliers.